Prime Strength Surry Hills at the iconic Golf House site, 228 Elizabeth St Surry Hills.

About us

Prime Strength Surry Hills provides 24 hour access to the most innovative equipment in the fitness industry. We offer world class coaches, premium services and a relaxed place to train.

What we do

Providing better results for our clients is at the forefront of our service. We strive to achieve better results for our members through offering the unique ability to train a muscle from origin to insertion. Our innovative equipment which is unlike any other, improves total muscle strength and promotes injury prevention through an increased range of motion. Our team will work closely with clients to create highly personalised regimes to assist in achieving goals.

Why we do it

We are an all inclusive community of influential professionals who love living an innovative wellness focused lifestyle. We have created a fun, clean, vibrant and unique space to train in Surry Hills in order to meet the expectations of our highly motivated clientele.

Our goal is to provide exceptional support and add to the vibrant Surry Hills community.

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